Ones I Want to or Have Read Again or Were Significant to Me or Deserve Multiple Reads on Principle (In no particular order)


One Hundred Years of Solitude–Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The Magus–John Fowles

Winter’s Tale–Mark Helprin

Moby-Dick–Herman Melville

Leaves of Grass–Walt Whitman

Collected Fictions–Jorge Luis Borges

The Aeneid–Virgil

The Wanderer–Alain-Fournier


Ulysses–James Joyce

The Adventures of Augie March–Saul Bellow

Collected Works–William Blake

Divine Comedy–Dante Alighieri

Infinite Jest–David Foster Wallace

The Magic Mountain–Thomas Mann

The End of the Affair–Graham Greene

The Baron in the Trees–Italo Calvino

The Natural–Bernard Malamud

The Marriage Plot–Jeffrey Eugenides

Herzog–Saul Bellow

The Fortress of Solitude–Jonathan Lethem

The Great Gatsby–F. Scott Fitzgerald

Portnoy’s Complaint–Philip Roth

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight–Unknown

Don Quixote–Miguel Cervantes

The History of Tom Jones–Henry Fielding

The Golden Ass–Apuleius

Pale Fire–Vladimir Nabokov

The Blind Assassin–Margaret Atwood

Never Let Me Go–Kazuo Ishiguro

The Neapolitan Novels–Elana Ferrante




Meditations–Marcus Aurelius

A History of Western Philosophy–Bertrand Russell

The World as Will and Representation–Arthur Schopenhauer

Memories, Dreams, Reflections–Carl Jung

Man’s Search for Meaning–Viktor Frankl

The Republic–Plato

The Will to Believe–William James

The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

The Portable Jung–Carl Jung

The Golden Bough–James George Frazer

The Art of Fiction–John Gardner

The Varieties of Religious Experience–William James

Baha’u’llah and the New EraJ.E. Esslemont

I Ching

A History of Philosophy–Frederick Copleston

The Imitation of Christ–Thomas Kempis

The Passion of the Western Mind–Richard Tarnas

The Enneads–Plotinus

The Teachings of Don Juan–Carlos Castaneda

Stride Toward Freedom–Martin Luther King, Jr.

Passage Meditation–Eknath Easwaran

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People–Stephen Covey

Reality Hunger–David Shields

The Life of Samuel Johnson–James Boswell